Blackberry Playbook Review

Where recently Vodaphone Australia  took out a new scheme under which they gave away a Blackberry Bold 9780 and a Blackberry Playbook for a very very cheap price of $49 for two years.

Now my reviews. TO be very fair i do not need a tablet, I did not need a tablet. My work involves me typing a lot of stuff and some good processing power. This tablet comes very close to replacing my laptop. I can practically watch online movies, download videos, copy them to the playbook and play them. I am very impressed.

Vodaphone gives me 1.5gb of browsing data. I hardly use mobile internet on the go. Probably to locate a address some time.


I would recommend this tablet to people who are looking for one. It is pretty good. It has games too….”Need for speed” Playbook version. And I hear in a few days blackberry will bring out an app which will be able to run all the android apps on it.

I am pretty satisfied with my Blackberry Playbook. Its fast responsive and its QNX operating system never hangs. Now being a Blackberry addict I love email. The Playbook unfortunately does not have any native email client. You will have to bridge it with your Blackberry phone via bluetooth.


What this essentially means is that, you will connect your blackberry phone and the playbook via bluetooth and then you will be able to access your email and internet on playbook. This is a little bit of a down side but hey…. its not that bad. Where ever my Playbook goes my my Bold 9780 goes so it kind of makes sense.

It has 16 gb of memory which is pretty much 4 seasons of the big bang theory and one Alice in wonderland.

2 cameras, One front and one side facing. There is not no Skype client for BB but there is one for Android. When the Android player is out you will be able to skype with it….I am hoping. (Waiting for Firefox)

Pinch and zoom, nice  tab browsing, can play flash, megavideo, rapid video etc, Native PDF reader etc.

(yes you can watch the big bang theory in megavideo on this player9

Its light and small enough to fit in your bag but big enough to have your entire attention when watching a movie or reading a book.

Wifi, book reader and what not. To top it off it is very cheap too, I come to hear that the price of the playbook will be dropped to $250.I am not to sure about that but I would definatly recommend the playbook to any one of you.

Battery life is pretty good. It goes 5 days with moderate using for me


Its the best of Android and QNX.

If you are on a long drive, you can use this tablet as your GPS, Just bridge it with your Bold 9780 and you are good to go with a GPS, Fill it up with games and give it to your kids in the car or put a nice movie for them to watch or a book perhaps for your wify to read. Many possibilites. And with the android player coming up very soon all the apps available in in android will be available to you.

The Android App Player is in beta testing. Link 1

If you have any questions please shoot away


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