Mustafa video game download

Nostalgia games,I would spend hours in video parlour playing this game

Download the Mustapfa video game from here

Here is a screen shot

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

A few tips

F1:  Player 1 start
F2:  Player 2 start
F3:  Coin 1
F4:  Coin 2

F5:  Save state
F6:  Decrement state slot number
F7:  Load state
F8:  Increment state slot number

F9:  Save PCX snapshot (DOS only)
F10: Reset emulation
F11: Test mode button (hold down and press F10 to get into test mode)
F12: Service mode button (?)

ESC:   Quit
Space: Toggle GUI

+/-: Adjust frameskip

DOS only:
Alt-V: Toggle V-sync
Alt-M: Toggle FM music
Alt-D: Toggle digital sound effects
Alt-P: Pause emulation
Alt-I: Toggle palette intensity
Alt-Q: Quit
Menu options are accessed with ALT+<menukey>.

As soon as you click on the icon you will get a blank screen,Press tab to see a upper bar,Go to game and press load game

then press f3 to insert coin and there after press f1

Change the contrressl by pressing tab ….see the upper screen and go to setting and press  input.

Change the key bard settings and get back to the game

And if you die to often in the beggining then don’t feel bad…you are a bad player that all

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27 thoughts on “Mustafa video game download

  1. vikas


    I am able to move around in the game. BUT how to hit the opponents.

    What are the keyboard shortcuts for kicking,punching etc.

    Best Regards,

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